Top 10 highest grossing video games of the 2010s

Video games are big business, and over the past decade, the biggest video games have surpassed the biggest Hollywood Blockbusters in terms of sales and revenue. As this list shows, some games make so much money, they make even Avatar’s box office success pale by comparison. Here’s our list of the top 10 highest grossing video games of the 2010s — games released in 2010 or later.

10: Wii Party / Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010): $400 million

Top 10 highest grossing video games of the 2010s

2010 was a great year for Nintendo and the Wii. And in many ways, it was the last year with the Wii at the top of its game. Nintendo released two Wii best-sellers in 2010: Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Party. Each game grossed over 400 million.

9: The Last of Us (2013): $440 million

Top 10 highest grossing video games of the 2010s - The Last of US

The PlayStation 3-exclusive (now also found on the PS4) zombie game was a huge hit with gamers and critics, and sold over 7 million copies in just a year on the market. In total, including DLC sales, the game grossed over $440 million worldwide, making it one of the best selling PS3 games ever.

8: Pokemon X and Y (2013): $500 million


The Nintendo 3DS RPG was released in late-2013 and has sold over 13 million units in less than a year, making it the best selling 3DS game of all time. The game sold over 4 million units in the first 48 hours on the market.

7: Pokémon Black and White (2010): $540 million


The Nintendo DS-exclusive Pokemon games were released together and have since become top sellers on the aging DS system. In total, Pokémon Black and White sales topped almost 16 million, raking in over $540 million for Nintendo.

6: Gran Turismo 5 (2010): $600 million

Gran Turismo 5 saless

The fifth edition of the famed racing franchise sold an impressive 10 million copies on the PS3 in less than two years in the market, generating a total of $600 million in revenue for Sony.

5: Diablo 3 (2012): $720 million

Diablo sales

The only PC game on our list performed exceptionally well. Blizzard’s long awaited third entry in the Diablo franchise sold 12 million copies of the PC, generating $720+ million for Activision Blizzard. The game will be coming out on consoles shortly.

4: Battlefield 3 (2011): $1 billion

Battlefield 3 sales

The best selling entry in EA’s Battlefield franchise featured a brand new game engine, tons of new features, and was released simultaneously on PC and consoles. Despite the game’s troubling start, it went on to sell an impressive 15 million copies. In addition, EA sold two million Premium subscription, each priced at $50.

3: Call of Duty Black Ops (2010): $1.2 billion

Black Ops sales

Call of Duty Black Ops became the fastest selling game in history when it sold 5 million units in just 24 hours. In fact, it beat out the biggest movie opening day ever as well. The game went on to generate over $1.2 Billion in sales for Activision, including its many map packs and DLC.

2: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (2012): $1.7 billion

Top 10 highest grossing video games of the 2010s - Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 outdid its original game by raking in over $1.7 billion, selling over 25 million copies, in addition to selling millions of map packs as well.

1: Grand Theft Auto 5 (2013): $2.2 billion

Top 10 highest grossing video games of the 2010s - Grand Theft Auto 5

The much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 broke all sales records for video games when it hit the stores in 2013. It was so successful that publisher Take Two shipped 30 million copies in the first two months after release. And later this year, it will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where it will no doubt sell a few million more.

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